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Monday, November 28, 2022


Will Wright’s Gallium Studios raises $6 million for blockchain video games

Independent developer Gallium Studios has raised $6 million from Griffin Gaming Partners to fund its first two video games, VoxVerse and Proxi.  Gallium was based by The Sims and Spore designer Will Wright and Where...

Gameflip Groups Up with Polygon Studios to Make Blockchain Accessible for Game Builders of All Sizes

" The Office: Somehow We Manage offers players the chance to immerse themselves in iconic moments from the series and connect...

Time Raiders launches Beta and companions with Polygon Studios

Blockchain-based play-to-earn video games have turn into infamous for poor gameplay and expensive obstacles to entry. This is a results of focusing extra on...

Square Enix Closes $300 Million Sale of Western Studios to Bankroll Blockchain Pivot – News Bitcoin News

Square Enix, the influential Japanese gaming and publishing firm, has bought its Western studios and a few of its Western mental properties (IPs) to...

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