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Thursday, February 2, 2023


Blockchain Scalability Agency StarkWare Launches Recursion to Streamline Ethereum

“After turning on recursion this week, we now have the ability to fit tens of millions of NFT mints into a single recursive proof,...

Ethereum scaling answer XDC Network presents XDPOS2.0, an enhanced consensus for scalability and forensics.

Scalability issues have plagued Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain community on the planet, for a while now. The proof-of-work mannequin’s incapability to scale demonstrates that...

Blockchain Scalability And The Fragmentation Of Crypto

BIS: Blockchain Scalability And The Fragmentation Of Crypto ...

The Stablecoin Subject: Ought to Stability Undermine Scalability

The present cryptocurrency panorama, though fast-growing, continues to be noticeably removed from being the inadvertent selection in finance for the common Jane and Joe. Among...

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