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Saturday, February 4, 2023


Bitcoin Miner Greenidge Seeks to Raise $22.8 Million in Class A Common Stock Proposal – Mining Bitcoin News

The bitcoin mining operation Greenidge Generation is looking for to boost roughly $22.8 million, in response to a U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitting...

Aave GHO Stablecoin Proposal Has Benefit However Additionally Carries Dangers

Aave GHO Stablecoin: Stablecoins have turn out to be an enormous a part of the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance trade. Julia Magas breaks down...

Aave Proposal Would Minimize Off Fantom Amid Safety Fears

It’s been a bumpy few weeks for crypto hacks. The fallout from the current Solana hack has once more reminded of us in regards to the...

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